Once upon a time….

Once upon a time, in a town called Amsterdam, there was a sweet little house. It wasn’t like any other house, it was a place where you would feel Little,  the very moment you entered the door. The little house was an ABDL Nursery, right there in Amsterdam. In that Nursery lived a little girl named Emma and she was a very happy little ABDLgirl.

Emma loved to take pictures in her Nursery. One sunny day she was talking to her friend, who happened to be a photographer. She said “wouldn’t it be wonderful if anyone could make lovely pictures, right here in the Nursery?”. Emma’s photographer friend, called Fabian, smiled and said “let’s do it”.

And so the idea of an ABDL photo studio was born. It’s the beginning of a wonderful fairy tale. And you get to play a part in this fairy tale. Not just any part, but the leading role. A very important and interesting role. You get to play YOURSELF.
Read on about your adventure….