What do you do with the pictures?

We send them to you. That’s it. We will never publish or share your pictures. They’re your pictures.

What can I do with the pictures?

You can use them for private and personal use. Which means: you can share them with the world if you like. You can post them online on your website, your blog, Fetlife, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc. We really appreciate it when you mention the ABDL studio http://www.ABDLstudio.com but you don’t have to.

No: lying. Please don’t pretend it’s your nursery or your toys. You don’t have to actively say it’s not your nursery, but please don’t lie that it’s your nursery or your teddy bear 🙂

No: commercial use or not-for-profit use unless Fabian the Photographer agrees to it in writing. You can not use the pictures to promote stuff you organise, or to promote products, or to promote services, or to promote a website, or to promote free stuff, or to promote anything else. You can not use the pictures on any website, mailing, blog or social media account that is used for the purposes mentioned before. Well, maybe you can, but you have to ask for (and receive) permission first.

Can I wear a diaper in the picture?

Sure, no problem. There are even ABDL diapers included in the price of a photo shoot. This is of course subject to availability – we don’t want to make promises we can’t keep. Read more here: About your ABDL pictures.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, you can bring one friend. It doesn’t matter if that friend is just a friend, your ABDL mommy, your spouse etc.
If your friend wants to be in the picture(s), please let us know before your visit. Because to organise a shoot for two people is lots more work than with one person, and we promise you 30 wonderful pictures, so we may ask for a surplus. We’ll work it out: Contact us.

I don’t have any ABDL clothes or accessories.

We have them for you. We don’t have a huge wardrobe, but we have rompers, dresses, diapers, plastics pants, socks, PJ’s and ABDL T-shirts that you can borrow. Most of it is in size M. We have two dresses size XXXL.
We also have lots of ABDL accessories such as pacifiers, baby bottles, games, teddy bears, puzzles, colouring books, crayons, and of course ABDL furniture.
If you want to go all the way, we can even hire a professional hair & make-up artist for that special styling.
See: About your ABDL pictures.

What’s the address?

The Nursery’s address is a secret. We’ll give it to you before you come, of course.
It’s in Amsterdam, easily reachable by train or metro or car, and it’s only a cab drive away from Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol Airport).

Can I come and have a look first?

No, you can’t. The Nursery is not a public location.

What about nudity or sexy pictures?

We’re not afraid of nudity. But to protect the reputation of the Nursery as a safe and friendly place, we don’t want to do full frontal nudity. Meaning: no penises or cunnies or butt holes in the pictures. Buttocks and boobies are OK.
We will not be making explicit sex pictures either, such as masturbation, sex, or toy insertions – of course we don’t mind an oral shot with a big pacifier 😉
So basically: you can’t do a sex shoot, or very explicit pictures. But some nudity is OK.

Where is Emma during the shoot?

Emma is not there during your shoot.
If you want to meet Emma, see her website www.ABDLgirl.com.
If you’d like Emma to assist during your photo shoot, look here: About your ABDL pictures.

Can I rent the ABDL studio?

No you can’t.

Who are those people in the example pictures?

Those are our friends. They’ve agreed to have their picture taken and published on this website. Don’t worry, you will never find your picture on this website. Unless you really want to, then we can talk about it.