About your ABDL pictures

When you’ve finished your tea, it’s time to get changed. As you are putting on those items you love so much, you feel you can totally relax. Two huge friendly teddy bears are by your side, the atmosphere is relaxed and safe. You snuggle up and get ready for your big adventure.
Are you ready for your adventure?
Sprinkle some fairy dust and go for it.


What to expect when you get to the Nursery

Fabian the photographer will open the door for you, and first you’ll have a tea or lemonade together while you discuss your plans. Fabian can show you around the Nursery, and show you all the ABDL toys, accessories and clothing. Fabian will set you at ease so you will look sweet and relaxed in your pictures.
After that you get changed as Fabian sets up the camera. The photoshoot lasts for two hours after you have finished your coffee or lemonade.
Have a look at the Examples page for inspiration.



A two hour photoshoot costs € 350,-


Included in the price are

  • Discretion
    We offer the utmost discretion. If you don’t want your face in the pictures – no problem. Also, we will never share your pictures with some one else than you, and we don’t even keep your pictures once you’ve received them. We also ask discretion: please do not walk into our neighbourhood in visible ABDL clothing.
  • Professional photographer
    Fabian has decades of experience as a professional photographer and he has been ABDL all his life. Fabian knows what makes a picture cute and sweet, and he will give you inspiration and directions on how to look sweet and little.
  • Professional photo equipment
    This includes cameras, tripods, lights, background, and professional photo editing software.
  • The Nursery
    An awesome place to make awesome pictures.
  • Thirty digital pictures
    Your pictures can be sent through WeTransfer (discrete online file share program) or sent on a USB stick for no extra charge. Here are some Examples.
  • High resolution
    The pictures will have a good resolution so you can print, crop, edit, etc to your own liking.
  • Use of clothing
    (subject to availability)
    We have some ABDL clothing in the Nursery. Mostly size Medium. If it fits you, you can wear it in your pictures.
  • Diapers and plastic pants
    (subject to availability, up to 5 disposable diapers per shoot)
    We have lots of diapers in the Nursery, cute ones, white ones and black ones. Mostly size Medium. If you like you can choose diapers or plastic pants to wear in your pictures.
  • ABDL accessories
    Whatever accessory you can find in the Nursery, you can use in your shoot. This includes toys in the toy chest, teddy bears, plastic cutlery and plates, crayons, colouring books, sippy cups, baby bottles.


Available for surplus
Contact us for details.

  • Extra time
    If you feel two hours will not be enough for your ABDL photo shoot, let us know and we’ll make a good arrangement.
  • Print and send
    Do want to have a print out of your best picture, to frame it and hang it on your wall? Or have a print on canvas? If you feel uncomfortable ordering prints, we can arrange it for you.
  • Emma as art director
    (not as model)
    Emma has a keen eye on what makes a picture cute, innocent, sweet. If you like to have directions and advice from Emma as to what sort of poses, activities, facial expressions, accessories or teddy bear would look super good in your pictures, let us know.
  • Professional hair and make-up artist
    A professional HMUA experienced in babyboy/babygirl make-overs, to give you that babyish look in your pictures.


Not an option

  • Emma as a model
    Emma will not be in any of your  pictures.
  • Have your diaper or clothing changed
    The photoshoot is just that: a photoshoot. You will not be babied, dressed, diapered, you can do that by yourself. We do not baby you – we photograph you.
  • Rent the studio
    The studio is not for rent.


Other options
Contact us for details.

  • Shoot on location
    Fabian travels to whichever location you like to do an ABDL shoot with you. Could be Amsterdam, could be anywhere in the world. You can have a real ABDL shoot in the comfort of your own home. Or how about an ABDL shoot outside, in the woods. Please note that Fabian can only bring limited ABDL stuff with him when he travels.


More information and FAQ
Have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).