About the team

Emma says: “have a seat, I’ll make us some tea”.
As she puts on the kettle another person comes to say hi. It’s Rens, the photographer. “Hiya!” says Rens “good to have you here!”.
It’s all a little strange, having a really casual conversation in an ABDL nursery. But Emma and Rens are very friendly and relaxed, so within a few moments you are not nervous any more.
Read on about your adventure…

Emma and Rens are close friends since years. Both Rens and Emma feel right at home in the ABDL world, and they share their love for cuteness and great pictures.
Emma and Rens love to take pictures together, with Rens as photographer and Emma as art director.

Rens works with his own professional equipment, camera’s, lenses, lamps, all the things normal people don’t event know the name of ^_^
It’s all already setup in the nursery when you arrive.

Have a look at some of the pictures that Rens made.

Emma has years of experience with taking pictures as a babygirl model and she really knows how to make you look cute and little in your pictures.
Check out Emma’s ABDL pictures on Instagram, Emma’s Tumblr or Emma’s own website ABDLgirl.

Rens and Emma speak English and Nederlands.