About the photographer

Fabian says “have a seat, I’ll make us some tea”. You notice he has a German accent. “Ja-ja,” Fabian says, “ja-ja, I am from Switzerland, so I speak German, English, Italian, French and you can also talk Dutch to me”. You decide to just stick with English as you sip your tea. It’s all a little strange, having a really casual conversation in an ABDL nursery. But Fabian is very friendly and relaxed, so within a few moments you are not nervous any more.
Read on about your adventure…

Fabian has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and is ABDL since as long as he can remember.
Originally from Switzerland, he now works in Amsterdam to combine two of his great passions: ABDL and photography.

Fabian works with his own professional equipment, which includes cameras, studio-flashlights, backdrops and professional photo editing software. And of course: the Amsterdam Nursery.

Fabian speaks English, Deutsch, Schwiizertütsch, Italiano, Français and he understands it when you speak Dutch to him.

Have a look at the examples of pictures that Fabian made.