About the studio

… as you exit the train in Amsterdam, and you’re walking towards the ABDL photo studio, the sun starts to shine. Is it a coincidence? It’s no coincidence. This is your fairy tale, but then for real.
You find the Nursery with ease, and you feel some excitement as you ring the doorbell. A friendly voice says “Hey, come on in!” as you step through the door. “I’m Emma, how are you?” You start to say “Hello, I am….” but as you walk in, your eyes see the Nursery for the first time and for a moment you can only stare.
Read on about your adventure…

The ABDL studio is a fully equipped nursery apartment. If you come to do a photo shoot, you can use the play pen, the crib, the bath tub, the changing mat, the kitchen, there’s a real swing, everything that would make your pictures super special.

There are diapers, rompers, plastic pants, sippy cups, baby bottles, teddy bears, toys, everything to give your pictures that real ABDL touch. How about you make a nice colouring with 100 crayons, or have a quiet nap in the crib? That would make such a sweet picture.
Please note: most diapers and clothes are size Medium, and it’s all subject to availability. You are free to bring your own clothes, toys and accessories if you like.

Yes, it’s Emma’s Nursery

The ABDL studio isn’t a full time photo studio. It’s Emma’s heaven on earth, it’s her own Nursery. If you come, we set up all the professional photo equipment just for you. Emma will be there to guide you with a hundred cute ideas and advice you on how to pose.
By the way, if you are looking for playtime in the Nursery, then please visit ABDL.Amsterdam.